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School Counselor's Scrap Book - Item Code : SC056 
Category : Bulletin Boards
Description : This book will provide a big creative boost to your counseling program. It includes 87 ideas for highly motivational guidance bulletin boards, arts & craft activities, props, tricks, behavior contracts, and awards. This is a great resource for new school counselors, as well as for veteran counselors who are looking for some creative new ideas for their programs. ...... 
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Topic : Activities
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Emotions Mania and Who Are You 4" Thumball Set - Item Code : 2517 
Category : Bulletin Boards
Description : These sponge balls are easy for kids and adults to catch, and never need to be inflated. They are a fun, creative tool that can be used as an icebreaker for small groups or classrooms or as a conversation starter. Set includes Emotions Mania 4" Thumball: Feeling words printed on the ball include: Lovable, Thoughtful, Shy, Relieved, Silly, Brave, Hurt,...... 
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Topic : Social Skills
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