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The Complete Early Prevention Series - Item Code : 66537 
Category : Economy Packs
Description : Research tells us many common psychological problems can be prevented if children are taught specific emotional, social, and behavioral skills when they are young. In each book in this series, an animal learns a new skill to overcome his or her problem. Each book also comes with a doll representing the story?s central character and suggestions on play...... 
Media : Set of Story Books and Stuffed Age :
Topic : Social Skills
£ 185.89 alter
The Laugh & Learn Series - Item Code : 1218 
Category : Economy Packs
Description : Solid information, sound advice, silly jokes, fun illustrations, real-life topics, practical tips, and a kid-centric point of view?no wonder these books are so popular with young readers. Together they make a cool collection of self-help books that really help. The series includes: Dude, That?s Rude! Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney Get Organized Without Losing...... 
Media : Books Age :
Topic : Character
£ 80.55 alter
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